Friday, May 4, 2012

This Little Light

I love-me a happy update! I hope you do, too, because I have quite a bit to share!On an I'm-totally-giddy-because-Cay's-future-looks-awesome note, I hope this doesn't come off like I'm bragging. Most of this is something that we've been waiting on... for a lonnnng time... and I wasn't sure if the day would come. There is a hope, ya'll!

For awesomeness, My facebook status totally read this a few days ago:  My education just paid for itself! I got Cay exactly what I feel he needs academically. It was kind of a fight... SPICE with high inclusion support... They didn't want inclusion for him, but i fought the LRE card effectively. So he gets gen ed as often as he can, Adapted PE, pragmatics goal w the 6 others I wanted... We are set for Kinder! Now I just have to get over the fact that my baby isn't a baby anymore! :)   
Yes! You read that right!! Caydon is no longer in COPE (the Emotionally Disabled self-contained class... why he was in there to begin with being that he is diagnosed with autism is beyond me..) and is now going to be in SPICE (the Autism self-contained class...)  It was a lot of stress to figure this out. Stress like the: make a chart and line up my options stress. I'm very excited about this because I wanted him to have autism support as needed, but still have a lot of access to the general education curriculum (phonics!!) and peer models. It doesn't seem like there is a perfect fit for these kiddos with high functioning autism, but I'm glad my boy is able to get the second best option...

I also got this email the other day:
Wahooo! Participating AND answering questions AND dancing/singing. All of which he normally wouldn't do. Progress, people! There was once upon a time that this boy almost ended up not going to church because he just couldn't nack it. Thankfully, with God's help and lots of patience from his teachers, he's doing well, as you can see. This mommy is proud!!

And finally, in the light of Caydon and how bright his future is... we FINALLY got accepted into DDD. We are now in the intake process, which means that hopefully by this summer, he will be receiving respite, habilitation, and everything else he should have gotten 3 years ago. My, what a process. It's nice to see the light at the end of that tunnel!