Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dinosaur (aka Kale) Chips

These little babies are quite the hit at our home. 

For starters, kale is super duper healthy. True story. Google it.
For seconds, they are cheap and require you to purchase a bag of kale to add to basic home items. 
Easy peasy.
For thirds, and perhaps the most important reason to Cay, we can totally nickname them "Dinosaur Chips".

 Now, really, how do I go wrong with that? 
They only con is that they make your house smell gross while cooking... but definitely not as bad as fish does, so we'll get over it.

Here is the way that I prep them:

Bag of sliced and cleaned kale (Trader Joe's)
Sea Salt
Everyday Seasoning from Trader Joe's

Preheat oven to 300*F
Get your little sidekick ready to bake (aka wash hands).
Spray cookie sheet with your go-to no-stick spray, or put a thin layer of EVOO on it.
Spread kale on it.
Layer olive oil, toss evenly.
Get out any of the stumpy white part.
Layer on the sea salt & seasoning.
Bake for 14 minutes or so.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Special Day for my Special Boy

Everyday, the autism community continues to amaze me. The things people volunteer to do for families like mine reminds me that I'm not alone, and help me feel reassured that Caydon's future is bright. How is it that one special day is literally all I need to pick my head back up when I'm feeling the stress hitting?

Anyways, I am super thankful for the people we meet along this journey, and will always remember the fun-filled day we had. Here are some of the highlights!
 bouncy houses galore!

my boy and I <3 

never without a petting zoo! there were also birds and animals to look at, but not pet

 train ride!!

exploring the ambulance. He also got to go inside a police car and firetruck!

Cay the Dino and Mommy the Bunny :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top 10 Things Children with Autism Wish You Knew About Their Parents

Worth Reposting, via  Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious

Little Man is ALL about the "funny" faces lately. :)

10. I wish you knew that God chose my parents for me because they are SPECIAL just like ME.

9. I wish you knew that just because our home is sometimes messy, that does not mean they are dirty or lazy. And just because my mom’s roots are showing, my dad is not clean shaved or their clothes do not match today, does not mean that they don’t care about themselves anymore; it just means they are too busy caring for me instead.

8. I wish you knew that because they sometimes wear their heart on their sleeve, does not mean they are weak. In fact, they are the strongest people that I know.

7. I wish you knew that just because they don’t do all the stuff they use to do, like go to family gatherings or hang out with friends very much anymore; it does not mean that they don’t want to. It is because they put my needs a head of their wants. They know that it is just too much for me to handle.

6. I wish you knew that my parents would like for everyone to become more aware of autism. Autism is growing at a rate of 14% a year and 1 in every 110 children are being diagnosed. That means it may not be your kid, but at this fast growing rate, maybe it might be your kid’s child that suffers from this disability.

5. I wish you knew that just because you might not have the same beliefs about how they should be parenting me, how autism is caused, what treatment they use for me and whether they believe autism can be cured or not, does not mean that you cannot listen and at least consider how they feel. You have not walked in their shoes and until you do, you should hold your opinions to yourself.

4. I wish you knew that because I may appear to look just like everyone else, I am not. Sometimes I scream, can’t sit still, invade your space, bite, hit or throw myself to the floor and you may feel that my parents are not holding up to your “standards” of parenting in these situations. It really means that they know more about autism than you do and punishing me for something that I have no control over would be plan cruel and that would be bad parenting.

3. I wish you knew that when I am out in public and suffer a meltdown, your stares, do not hurt me because I don’t even notice. However, those stares and nasty comments do hurt my parents and family. This is a hard time for us and you being rude does not make it any easier. We have a right to be in public without scrutiny, just like everyone else.

2. I wish you knew that just because I may be non-verbal or learn different from everyone else, it can make me an easy target for bullying or even abuse. I want you to know that if you hurt me in this way, you better hope the authorities take care of you before my parents have a chance to get a hold of you.

1. I wish you knew that because I may not show eye contact to my parents, hug them or even tell them that I love them does not mean that I don’t care about them. Like I said above, my parents are SPECIAL and through all of that, deep down they can feel my love, my heart and my soul and know that I love them more than any words could ever say. They are my hero.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dating a Single Mom of a Kiddo(s) with Autism

Simply because us mommies deserve a guide book about our awesomeness.... and a laugh, while we're at it.

Reasons why you SHOULD date a Single Mom of a Kiddo(s) with Autism:
  1. We can make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We know how to make gluten and dairy free mac and cheese rock your world.  
  2. You know how we are as a mom, so you know we'll be just as good with your babies should we have more in the future.
  3. We don't run away from life when it gets tough. You know we'll never abandon you if you get hurt or sick, nor will we do it to our kids. Rather, we'll become an advocate and a warrior, ensuring you and/or the kiddo gets exactly what is needed.  Conversations about discipline, education programs, brain waves, therapies, poop, biomedical treatment, legislation, and the like are not foreign to us. We are masterminds and advocates on everything we need to know about what life has brought us through our circumstances. We even try to make the crappy situations as positive as we can. 
  4. Your bodily functions won't phase us. "Gross" isn't in our vernacular. We've been pooped, puked, and peed on more than once. If you have something in your teeth, telling you won't be awkward.
  5. We have our priorities in order, and know exactly what we want & what we are looking for. We know how to identify and appreciate a good man, and a good friend, because of life experiences.  
  6. We know how to kill our own spiders, and pull our own weeds. Thank-you-very-much. We are independent, low maintenance, and don't have time for gossip or drama. We are used to doing things for ourselves.
  7. You know that if we aren't with you, we are with our kids or making our lives better through education and our careers. We don't have time to play the field, or play mind games.  We are less promiscuous than other single ladies. We don't have energy to exert to being out all night, and are cautious about the results of getting physical. We know how to enjoy being home on a Friday night, know exactly who we are, and won't pretend otherwise. We also don't need a constant check-in with you to have esteem in a relationship.
  8. We are financially savvy, and know how to budget like a Fortune 500 corporation. We can make our 5 year old pair of jeans and our house full of Goodwill furniture look good. We aren't used to being spoiled, and we have plans on how to reach our own success if we haven't gotten there yet. We put our kid's medical bills and gluten, casein, & soy free diet before our Jimmy Choos and martinis.
  9. We are patient and nurturing, even when we are getting hit, bit, and kicked by our kiddo. We know how to forgive, and understand that no one is perfect. (Though we should point out that we won't be patient with you trying this on us...)
  10. We don't mind your minor flaws like how you brush your teeth. Actually, your quirks are probably something we don't even notice, let alone get phased by. We are much more thankful that you didn't pee on the wall or in your pants than we are concerned about your putting the toilet seat lid back down.
  11. We know how to truly love someone. We know how to give it without always receiving it in return.
  12. We never under-appreciate when love is expressed, in any form. We hear love even in our kiddo's wordless moments.  We will never undervalue things you tell us or do for us, or our kids. We appreciate the little things. Weeds are our flowers. A scribbled stick-figure is art. A macaroni necklace beats Tiffany & Co. any day (though, we don't mind it!!)

Reasons why you should be CAUTIOUS and AWARE about dating us Mommies:
  1. If you meet our kids, know that you are an exception. Getting attached is highly likely, and your perceptions about the world... especially disabilities.. will likely change. 
  2. We have less time to date, and may cancel because of our priorities. If we do, take note and remember our favorite romantic comedy at Blockbuster, and our kiddo's favorite GFCFSF snack. Just because we cancel doesn't mean we don't want to see you.
  3. Childcare arrangements can be a pain in the butt. Luckily, we understand and agree to this. Another excuse to be amazing with the movies and snacks...
  4. You won't be top priority. Our kids fill that spot.  If you don't like our kids, you better know not to let the door hit you on your way out. Our kids will always be first.
  5. Words like stupid or retarded will be added to your "bad word" list. You'll learn how to be compassionate for others, and not have your head stuck in the place where the sun don't shine.
  6. It can be difficult to gain our trust, but once you do, you'll have it all until you prove that you don't deserve it.
  7. You will be under constant scrutiny. The first sign of an unforgivable flaw will make us run for it.
  8. We can be Type A (read: controlling) simply because we are used to having to be our kid's everything and maintain the order/stability.

What Am I missing?? Let me know, and I'll add it!  :)