Monday, October 24, 2011

Slowly but Surely

One of my BIG bucketlist items has been to run a marathon. I've always wanted to... Call it rebelling against my mom who swears that running "shakes up your girl parts" (true story... just ask all of my PE coaches). Or, call it a darn good excuse to get back into shape. Either way, it's a goal that I want to reach... for me.

While a marathon is a lonnnng road away, I am confident that it will be worth it. Being able to say "I did it!" when I began being the girl who had never having run before (another true story) I think defines ultimate health [in my book, anyways]. Plus, it's something that needs to be done. Well, maybe not a marathon, but putting myself... and my health.. back on the list of things that matter is overdue.

I wouldn't say it hasn't been worth it, because helping Cay these last few years totally has been. However, reaching the point of Pre-diabetes really was a smack in the face. I think all the stress eating, therapy trips, doctor visits, studying, hospital stays, and researching this thing called Autism/Aspergers finally caught up to me.  I also started watching my health decline in other facets, including a breast cancer scare (yes, at the age of 23!) and thyroid/hormonal issues. Watching people I care about get sick has also made me realize how important it is to be strong for Cay in more than just the maternal/emotional way.

So far running has been a good thing. It is an amazing stress relief that I've come to find myself craving. The new job isn't an easy one (I teach high school sped), nor is single parenthood to my little man. Stress relief is definitely something that I need.

I would be lying to say that it doesn't hurt watching my body transform, either. Thus far, I've lost 20 lbs that I really didn't need hanging around. Here is a current pic for those who want to be nosy... I am so on the nosy list typically, so I get it! ;)

 Here I am before I started running. July 2011. And, yes, this was the point where I refused to take full body pictures of myself. I knew things needed to change, to say the least, but also was struggling with where to go because of all of the other health issues that were starting up:

I still have about 20 more pounds to go until my goal weight, but I'm healthy and happy. My energy is back; I feel alive again. I finally know that the part of me that froze my life when Cay started to regress with his Autism is no longer around. The balance of finding health for both myself and for Cay.... such a fine balance, true.. is finally looking up and I understand what was going on. I'm pretty sure any mom of a child with a disability gets it. Everyone else, just excuse my cookyness. =)

And, finally, here is a picture of my friend (co-teacher, as well!) and I at our first, but definitely not last, 5k. It was a goal of mine for this Fall. While I won't tell you how sore I was after the fact, I'm definitely still proud that I lived through 3.1 miles. Oh, and I can proudly say that I be my PR. ((It was rather easy, since it was a first for me!)) I'll take what I can right now....

So there we have it. A long-term goal that I'm working slowly towards! Horray for finally making time for me...


  1. Good for you!! Great inspiring post - maybe I'll walk a little faster tomorrow. :) Slowly but surely right?

  2. Thank you!!! Slowly but surely is exactly it! I am all for a lifestyle change... slowly but surely... rather than dropping it off quickly just to gain it all back! :)