Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

Lately, little man has been rather consistent with his creative excuses. I thought I'd share some of his more popular because they are just a small glimpse into how awesome that boy is:

  • "I can't know how"
  • "I'm not allowed to. We are rivals!"
  • "I can't eat apples. Apples are from Satan. That's what the Bible says." (ref: Eve & the first sin)
  • "But, I'm decorating!!!" (as he's lining up his toys in the living room)
  • "But, I'm organizing!!!" (as he's refusing to put his dishes in the sink, or put anything where it would typically go...)
  • "I'm going to die because you don't feed me!" (says Caydon after his second dinner)
  • "You're friends with Satan because you won't let me have X or do Z."
  • "Mommy, we are supposed to share. You aren't being a good friend right now because you won't share OUR phone with me!"
  • "Umm. That's ok!" (as in, "I don't want to" when I tell him to do something)
  • "But, I'm so nice. I'm letting you see my toys!" (as he leaves toys in my room)
  • "Let's give it a little scootch so you can look at my toys." (as he reorganizes my furniture around his toys)
  • "But, God told me to!"
  • "I don't see it, but I know there is invisible hair in the bathtub. So, I need another new water..." (he actually has moments where he completely freaks down because he'll find a hair in the water. Gotta love SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder))
  • "But, I made it just for you! That was your special surprise!" (the justification for stacking up all of his toys on the kitchen table and not wanting to clear it for dinner)
  • "It's my collection" (the line of toys that goes throughout the entire house... clearly not interested in moving it)
  • "But, I was good this morning! So now it's mine!"
  • When he wants me to buy something. Me: "Caydon, do you have money for X?"  Him: "But, I don't have money. Maybe, it's free!"
  • "Mommy, I need a doggy, and a brother, and a sister, and a daddy to do that!" (his way of talking back and finding an excuse for disobedience)
  • "But, I have to go potty in your bathroom. It saves us money."
  • "Muh--ommm! I am an omnivore! That means I only eat meat! So, I can't eat the broccoli or the strawberries because it's against my rules!"
  • "I will die for Jesus. And someone will kidnap me. And cook me. And eat me. Because you don't like my collection!! All by myself!! IN THE DARK! So, do you like my collection? Or NOT?"
  • "You're always bad" (after I make him do something)
Little Man, crazy hair day @ VBS :)

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