Monday, June 11, 2012

MudRoom to Office Reveal

Phew! Two blog posts in one day... just goes to show how busy we have been lately! With the help of my little man who loves to decorate but hates to clean (just like his mommy!), I was able to finish my mudroom to office transformation. Half of the room is wall to wall boxes... all most of my teaching stuff! I unpacked a little bit (which you'll see... I organized ALL of the gazillion papers I had...) and repacked the rest. It was a tiring process, for sure! The wall of boxes will also transform to an organized stash of foster parenting supplies so that I can easily access the goods. So when I get a 6 month old in the middle of the night, I will have clothes, diapers, bottles, food supplies, and a few toys ready to help me out. I'm very excited to start that stash! :)

I wish I had a "before," but just picture a room with an unheard of amount of boxes stacked on eachother. I never had a chance to unpack all of my craft room and photography supplies, and then stacked all of my teaching stuff on top of that mess. Good times!!

This was most the Kate Spade inspired stash that I bought to go with it. I am on a HUGE budget (Dave Ramsey style, mixed with single mom of a boy with autism, teacher budget, and foster parent-to-be. hah!):

Here is the room when you walk in:

Wall of boxes, concealed by that beautiful Ikea curtain. I think I lucked out.. normally, I hate Ikea fabrics! Found that rug at Ikea on clearance. I'd like to go bigger, but it works for now. That apple green chair is also Ikea, and that desk is from my childhood (aka FREE!).

On the desk:

Needs more color... but I love the clear stuff! I would like to add something fun ontop of the corkboard.

New Ikea bookshelf:
 Childhood pic :)

 Gotta love Ikea Shelves. Sorted paper, painting supplies, etc.

On top of the desk:
 All of my papers organized! I still need to make a few labels...

Speech therapy cards, Linguistics books, tools, mail, CDs for photography (yay for finally finding those!), etc.

I clearly have a few more things I'd like to do, but for now.. it works! I'm happy to finally be done with the major part of that project and move on to the rest of my to-do list...


  1. thanks, ma'am! I'm just happy to not be staring at all of my classroom in a stack of boxes. lol. anxiety much!? Are you returning to H?