Monday, February 13, 2012

Cat Lady in Training

Right now I'm feeling like a bitter old hag. I mean, seriously. Can't we just skip tomorrow? Or, can I at least take the day off from work? I have been practicing being excited for the cheesiness my students will surely want to talk about when their boyfriend gives them their carnations and dollar store chocolates. Keh. I told you I'm bitter. Especially since I really should be married about now. I should be having my third... as Caydon so willing tells me. He even asked me frequently if I have a baby in my tummy. Nope!

Patience and contentment are hard! Especially when everyone I hang out with is married with another newborn or one on the way. I really am trying to be excited for them, and not just totally jealous. But seriously, everyone I know is expecting. Just the other week I told my friend, the last one who only has one kiddo, that she better not get pregnant so I'm not the only one having baby fever. Besides, who else can I drink my one margarita... All it takes... with? So, we go to a sushi restaurant where we can eat our raw food and drink our martinis, and she ends up telling me that she couldn't participate upon arrival. Yep, I jinxed it.

Stupid day tomorrow. And even stupider boys.

Cheers to being bitter. And thank you, God, for chocolate. Chocolate wine, that is...

I need to start liking cats.

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