Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am so VERY excited to share with my bloggy friends the news that Cay has been accepted into a study called, the "Nutritional and Dietary Treatment Study for Children and Adults with Autism," which is sponsored by Arizona State University. 
I had to push a bit for Cay to get accepted (the squeaky mouse gets the cheese, right!?), and then Cay had to "prove" his autism through the ADOS assessment. Let's just say his autism was "proven".. and it's still just as classified at his current level as he was back when he first regressed. I didn't even have to show him our huge stash of files (it's a file-bin purse) collection to them! As in, none of his prior levels mattered. Bitter sweet, ya'll. Am I the only one who goes to sleep dreaming that maybe their kiddo is progressing so much that the "autism" label won't apply anymore? I know, I know. Coming straight out of the mouth of a special education teacher. But... I'm honest, right??!  He does still qualify into the label as "Autistic," even if I do think he is rockin' in his progress. Hmmph...
Awesome Sign from the place that did his assessments! :)


We are accepted. I am THRILLED. I prayed hard about it.. whether it was the right thing to put Cay into (I so do NOT want him to be a guinea pig) and then for us to be accepted if it is God's will. Apparently, it is!  :D

It consists of studying the affect of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, carnitine, digestive enzymes, magnesium sulfate, and the GFCFSF diet. Everything but the food is free! We went to a lengthy meeting (where Caydon told everyone he was make "nesting grounds for [his] cretaceous period dinosaurs,") and came home with a huge copy of the power points.

This is the "jist" of it::

The purpose of this test is to give the DAN! doctors and those of us who believe in Biomedical Treatments for autism a leg up when we approach insurance companies and state legislators. I'm very intrigued!!

So, stay tuned. I am full of anticipation as to what can be a result of this study for Cay. Possibly huge progress, and possibly a little. Either way, regressions are rare... I'm definitely not complaining.
This weekend, I wake Cay up for midnight pee in a bag twice, and syringe it into little tubes (gross), he starts a heavy vitamin supplement,  and then I try to comfort Cay through 13 blood vials Saturday morning. Ick. 

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