Monday, February 13, 2012

For the Love of Hands

Caydon has a lot of teachers. I mean, really, he has six. The joys of special education: he has an emotionally disabled/ "structured behavior" class, integrated classroom, and daycare. I wanted to do something crafty, cute, easy for Cay, and affordable... but not "cheap". My favorite gift as a teacher is one I can actually use, but that's still from the heart. ;)

This is what I came up with:

It was actually rather easy. Start off buying some of Bath and Body Works' little lotion. We chose the newer scents... They smell amazing! 3 for $10. The sweet lady gave me the clear baggies and ribbon. Free! :) Drop each in and tie with little man's "help".

With paint we already had... Acrylic.. We stamped out little man's cute hand onto card stock. Free... Already own! :) Then I cut out the shape.

Using Cay's markers, we came up with corniness using the terms "high five," "hands down," "you deserve a hand," etc. He proudly wrote his name... His newest accomplishment.

With a hole puncher, we tied the hand to the bag, and finished with a bow.


Total of about $22. The only expense was the lotion. 
Time spent was about one hour... the paint dried quickly. :)