Thursday, February 23, 2012

Song of My Life...

Lately I've been praying for contentment with where Cay and I are. I want to be content with our little 2 person family. Let's face it, God intended for families to be nuclear. Be mad at me all you want for saying it, but it's so obvious when dealing with bills all by yourself, when you need a break from the little one, or those lonely nights when you get lost in a book (or tv for those of you that watch it) so that you have company. Yet, it's not going to happen on my terms. Regardless of how hard I try, the perfect guy isn't going to come around until God wants to bring him into our lives. Patience is such a virtue... and contentment is absolutely something that I pray I am filled with sooner than later. God is absolutely able to be the missing piece for Cay. He is able  and willing to be the 3rd part of our family that provides, who is always there (more so than lots of parents can say these days!), and that loves unconditionally... even to a child as "difficult" as one with autism. ((My last boyfriend didn't like Cay because of how "difficult" he is... hence why we broke up... so a guy who can handle the boy is HUGE to me!)) God absolutely is a father to the fatherless!

Ever have one of those songs that completely fits the bill for your life? What about a movie or a book? Maybe an article? I totally do right now... which hardly ever happens. Us single moms have quite unique scenarios. Some artists can absolutely understand what I'm going through.. but it's often so gloomy and depressing. Single motherhood isn't all bad!!

This is what I've been listening to non-stop lately. It's such a great song!!!

Coolest part? Right now, K-Love is giving a free download of the song, Just Another Birthday by Casting Crowns, to any who want it. Awesome, right!? Be prepared to make it your new anthem, too :)


  1. Aww! It's so difficult to wait for God's perfect timing. We are so THERE right now. I just keep singing "Everlasting God" by Hillsong over and over and over again in my head. You are wonderful and God will bring someone into your life who will love your son as his own :) I'm sure of it!

  2. Thanks!! You're right, it's SO hard to be patient and content with God's timing. I'll have to check out that song!!! :) Thank you for the sweet words! <3